Randy Orton recently participated in a conference call to promote this Sunday’s WWE Backlash PPV and commented on the NXT superstars. Here is what Orton said courtesy of 411Mania.com… 

“The NXT guys worry me because I see them doing such highly physical things during their matches. It’s almost like they do so many impressive physically impressive things but those things are dangerous and they wear and tear on your career. I’ve been doing this 20 years and I’ll do it another decade. I just turned 40 and my plan is to just keep going until my 50thbirthday and I think I would be able to do that and I would be able to support my family for 30 years of wrestling under Vince McMahon because of the way I tell stories in the ring. The facial expressions, the little transitional things that you do on the fly or you ad-lib so to speak during a match, those are the things that people remember.” 

“I watched a match the other day, and I’m not going to name names, and a lot of the NXT guys work like this, and it was just train wreck after train wreck after train wreck, and it’s all very impressive, but when it’s all said and done and the match is over, I couldn’t remember anything that happened, because it was just movement, it was just car crashes. And when you see so much of that back to back, and you don’t see how that effected the talent, meaning they didn’t sell that move or that wasn’t enough of a delay between high spots that I was able to see facial expressions, and see that, ‘Oh, this guy hurts, oh, he hurt his neck on this spot, and he just tried to pick up the other guy because he couldn’t because his neck is hurt, oh, I think he’s really hurt,’ you don’t get to invest into these matches because they are just boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, one thing after the other. And even though it is highly physically impressive, I wouldn’t be able to do that style, a lot of the things these guys do, I’m not capable of doing, but they’re gonna have very short careers.”

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