During an appearance on Corey Graves’ After The Bell podcast, Randy Orton talked more about his issues with matches in NXT: 

“They ask if I can watch their match. I tell them you have to slow down. I’m now the old timer who has nothing to say except to slow down. I’ve been watching a lot of NXT which I didn’t do before. They have so many guys that are talented. But, what I noticed the other day, and I don’t want to bury anybody, but I saw a match between two guys that did so much cool stuff. As I was watching it, I’m thinking in my head, if they would have just let that breath, the people at home would get with it. My wife said they did so much cool stuff that I can’t remember one thing specifically that they did. I’m like, that’s it. It’s building to those moments and doing the cool stuff when the time is right.” 

“I remember a time when nobody did a superkick because that was Shawn Michaels’ move. I feel that there is a superkick in every match now. Austin Theory, I never met him before. The corona thing was just starting. I was at the P.C., everyone is standing apart, no one is shaking hands. Austin Theory came up to me to shake my hand and I looked at him like what are you doing. I give him an elbow tap. He laughed. I could tell he was new and young and trying not to say the wrong thing. He asked me, hey, I want to do this new move and it ends up in a similar position as a cutter. He picks the guy up like a fireman’s carry, spins him around and does a cutter. I was so taken back that this kid took the time and had the respect and the wherewithal to ask me if it was OK with me for him to do that. Before I could even think about what the right answer was, I said, yes, oh my God, are you kidding me? He came to me and asked me. I don’t know if that’s ever happened. I see a lot of guys doing variations of other guy’s moves. That was such a huge no-no. I feel like the way it used to be when I was at that stage is so different now. It’s like I almost don’t know how to navigate anymore when I’m trying to help out younger talent. I want to say don’t do anybody else’s stuff. Come up with your own stuff and don’t let anybody kick out of your finish. I feel everybody needs 50 moves and it’s a race to the finish.”

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