Vince McMahon was part of today’s WWE 2020 First Quarter conference call and here are a few highlights courtesy of

WWE’s budget cuts: The next caller observes that for a company that doesn’t have a lot of debt, he feels that the amount of cost-cutting has been aggressive and he wants to know if they forsee something big happening. They answer by saying they felt they needed to be overly conservative amid COVID-19 so they have more than enough resources to get through the crisis. They don’t see anything that will require the huge use of cash but they simply don’t know how things will look in the next two quarters or the economy will look like. Vince chimed in saying they have no debt, but cash is king and they are just being overly cautious with so much uncertainty.

WWE’s safety measures: Vince McMahon is asked about talent morale and their reaction to the new production changes as well as their COVID-19 testing. Vince talks about the testing WWE is implementing and that every talent has to fill out a form weekly as screening and they undergo medical testing at the Performance Center, checking for fevers. He talked about changing the ropes and turnbuckles between matches and they have a “pandemic cleaning” with Chlorox 360 as well that they regularly do and through a third party. Paul Levesque said they are coating their surfaces with a solution that lasts 90-120 days and they are using this solution on not only in their equipment in the ring but also their production trucks. Vince talks about talent has taken this as a challenge and they realize that people are sitting at home bored and they have an opportunity to entertain them like few others can. He says WWE talent loves to give and he is so proud of them.

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