In an interview with, indy wrestler Alex Chamberlain talked about his experience with working on AEW Dark and the company’s Covid-19 testing process:

“Tony Khan spared no expense when it comes to that. As soon as you get to the hotel the first thing they have you do is meet with the doctor. You go and get a blood test right then and there. You sit down with your mask on. They give you the 15-minute rapid response blood test. So they take a little sample from you. Then the doctor will clear you.”

“Then they put a wristband on you to show you are cleared from COVID. Otherwise you don’t have access to any of the other facilities or the other talent that has been tested already. Then once you roll into Daily’s Place where the Jaguars stadium is right behind it, they have a gate where there is this digital temperature check. They have you stand in front of a monitor. They take your temperature and allow you in the facility.”

“Honestly, it’s an open-air facility but everyone is still wearing masks unless you’re sitting down to eat at catering. It was super good. Every single person is tested in the facility. Every single employee. Every cast member, office worker, everyone. Even the roadies. Everyone has to get checked coming in and out of that place. It’s really cool how they do it.”

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