Aleister Black hasn’t been used on WWE television since drafted to the Smackdown brand and wasn’t event part of the Survivor Series Kickoff battle royal. The belief is that Paul Heyman was Black’s biggest support and Heyman losing his job as RAW Executive Director was the biggest factor in Black losing his push. 

Dave Meltzer of discussed the situation: 

“He [Black] feels like he’s been forgotten about. That was not because of Zelina, it just felt like that was already the case. His big thing, he was a big Paul Heyman guy. When Paul Heyman got dumped I think I said the two people who were going to be hurt the most are Andrade and Black. If you’re not even in the battle royal and you’re like a middle guy… I would say like for Black right now, he’s forgotten about and it doesn’t look good.” 

“The people in charge now don’t see anything in him, it appears. It’s tough, he’s a talented guy.”

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