After music duo CFO$ left WWE, the company hired the production company DJDTP which has been producing music for WWE under the name “Def Rebel.” is reporting that WWE has been attempting to have theme songs changed that were composed by CFO$. In regards to Keith Lee’s new song that debuted on RAW, WWE reportedly asked Lee to have his music changed and he agreed. Fightful also noted that WWE has been urging other talents to have their music changed but some have rejected the new songs that were proposed. 

The issue appears to be of a financial nature with noting the following: 

“As opposed to owning the entirety of the publishing rights of Jim Johnston and def rebel music, WWE only own 50% of each track made by CFO$, with the remaining 50% being owned by Arcade Songs and Spirit Music Group.”

The site also noted that CFO$ broke up as a duo after leaving WWE. 

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