OWW on Twitter: "Brendan Vink - https://t.co/Fqdji1GTMo ...

Mike Johnson of PWInsiderElite.com discussed WWE’s plans for Brendan Vink. As seen on this week’s WWE RAW, Vink pinned Ricochet in a tag-team match. Here is what Johnson said courtesy of RingsideNews.com:

“Brendan Vink has been a project in the developmental territory for some time. EVOLVE had him where they were using him to build him up. He would have been given a bigger push in EVOLVE if they hadn’t been shut down.”

“I was told this is sort of the beginning of trying to make Brendan Vink a star and beginning that build toward a long-term push. One person described it to me that it was kinda like when Braun Strowman was part of the Wyatt Family when Vince McMahon saw him as a long-term project to build for the future. That’s kinda where they are with Brendan Vink to build him as a long-term project.”

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