During an appearance on WWE’s The Bump, Seth Rollins commented on his Wrestlemania 36 match with Kevin Owens now taking place at the Performance Center: 

“The relocation from the Raymond James Stadium to the Performance Center is maybe the best thing that could have happened to this match between myself, and Kevin Owens. There’s so much history that Kevin and I both had in NXT and in this building. I sort of detailed it a few nights ago on Raw. But, it really adds a different element to our match. Though we won’t have a live crowd there, we’ll have millions of people watching around the world, and that’s very exciting to know that we’re going to have this match here, where it all started.” 

“I was there in attendance the first day he ever had his tryout match, where he said he earned his job…I watched Owens earn his job after I allowed him that opportunity because of the sacrifices I made. So, to be able to put a nail on this thing with Kevin Owens – where it all started – it’s going to be a special thing for me.”

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