As seen on this week’s WWE RAW, Murhphy injured the eye of Aleister Black. The belief is that Black was initially going to be written off television for the time being with Dave Meltzer of noting the following: 

“I know the original plan for him was to take him out. I don’t know for how long. That was the original idea, to do an injury angle with Aleister Black which is kinda weird when you’re low on talent.”

While there has been rumors that Vince McMahon has lostinterest in pushing Black, Tom Colohue of noted the following: 

“To my knowledge, it is Vince McMahon who has mixedopinions shall we say. Vince added that creek to the entrance when he leverages up and now he has removed the entrance all together. We haven’t seen the Aleister Black entrance in a long time. To put it bluntly, Vince thinks that there’s something missing about Aleister Black. It’s similar to how he feels about Cesaro. Keep an eye on this one because we all know how that went.”

Alex McCarthy of also quoted a sourceregarding how McMahon feels about Black: 

“Vince is a huge fan of the performer – and of Tommy. Size. Agility. Skill. But he is worried the character is a gimmick and will limit him.”

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