Samoa Joe has been out of action for several months due to a concussion. During an appearance on the Wilde On podcast, Joe commented on his in-ring status : 

“Right now I’m enjoying commentary on RAW. It’s been a fun challenge. Obviously, I’m not done in the ring by no means. I think right now I’m exploring things. Aside from that, I’m doing voice acting which is fun and very cool. It’s a very enjoyable thing. I have a project coming up with Warner Brothers. I’m very fortunate and I’m very happy that I’m doing the things I’m doing right now.”

Joe also commented on women’s wrestling today: 

“It’s a better time for you now than it’s ever been. I think for women’s wrestling, in general, is a great time. As of right now because of how things are, it’s a terrible time to be in any wrestling but, I think the scene in general and a lot of what we saw in this past decade is better. I think the independent scene is much more accommodating to women than it used to be. I know the ratio when we were coming up on the indies was maybe 1 match. Maybe you would have a multi woman match with the local promoter’s girlfriend and her best friend. Now I see women featuring more prominently. I think across the board, when you talk about the general quality of women’s work now across the world has grown leaps and bounds. There are such different approaches to the female characters than what there used to be.”

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