According to a report by Paul Davis of, there are some WWE stars that are worried about their jobs due to the Coronavirus pandemic’s financial impact on the company. With talk about WWE revenue projections falling short, the company could end up making budget cuts including the releases of lower card talents. 

With AEW having the same issues as WWE, Davis also notedthat a source in WWE said the following to him: 

“I think guys know they can’t depend on AEW as their safety net because they are going through their issues with canceled shows. This will be tough for a lot of guys and for a lot of people in [the wrestling business] overall.”

In addition to the revenue lost from canceled shows, there is also concern about WWE struggling with ticket sales once government restrictions are lifted since fans might hesitate to buy tickets right away. Davis added that a recent WWE survey asked about fans being affected by the Coronavirus and if their spending habits have changed. 

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