In an interview with, AJ Styles addressed the concerns about WWE not canceling or postponing Wrestlemania 36 due to the Coronavirus: 

“It’s safety first when it comes to our crew and talents, everyone that’s involved. We have to make sure that they feel safe, and if they don’t they shouldn’t be at WrestleMania. It is what it is. We would have loved to push back WrestleMania, but during this time we want to help people forget what’s going on. 

It’s WrestleMania, it’s huge. We’re losing a lot too, but at the same time we are giving back to people who need to be entertained, who need to forget about what’s going on. When Saturday and Sunday night happen, hopefully they can just lose themselves in the matches, stories and everything else. And just be a kid again. 

When you’re a kid you don’t have any worries, and we’re trying to give that to everybody.”

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