As previously noted, Rey Mysterio is reportedly continuing to work for WWE despite not being under contract. Back in May, it was reported that the angle with Mysterio’s eye being injuredon RAW by Seth Rollins was done to write Mysterio out of storylines in case he didn’t sign a new contract. 

Dave Meltzer of, who broke the story, believesthat Mysterio’s contract expired “months ago” but the company decided to continue the storyline between Mysterio and Rollins anyway. According to Meltzer, Mysterio wanted a raise but Vince McMahon brought up how the company had to release talents due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Meltzer added that WWE still doesn’t want Mysterio leaving and the two sides are working on a new deal. 

Mysterio signed a contract with WWE in September 2018 for what was believed to be a two-year deal. However, it was also reported that Mysterio had an “opt-out” clause after 18 months that would allow him to get out of the contract. 

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