With one of our favorite evenings of wrestling a mere hour or two away, our hosts sent in their predictions for the Rumble matches:

Stuie J Blenkhorn: depending on the running order, Goldberg winning the belt, Miz then successfully cashing in MITB then Goldberg winning the rumble!! That was my reaction to the rumoured “scary” idea 

Neil Batchelor: I feel the “scary” idea is for Cena to comeback at number 30 and win the mens, either that or Goldberg loses his title match earlier in the night and goes on to enter the Rumble and win it. 

Neil Batchelor: One scenario I like is the Miz cashing in on either Drew or Goldberg after their title match and winning. Then John Morrison going on to win the Rumble and those two facing off at Wrestlemania!

Stuie J Blenkhorn: I genuinely think there’s gonna be a punk-esque return, I can’t see any valid reason why they’d announce Edge so early. Rousey for the women’s

Stuie J Blenkhorn: I’d love to think lesnar could come back and cause havoc but not sure on his contract ties etc

Neil Batchelor: I genuinely see Becky Lynch return in the women’s Rumble and go on to win it. I can’t see Rousey back anytime soon if at all. I’d like to see Nia win though and go on to have a proper push. 

So with the speculation out of the way, who are your picks to win each of the Rumble matches and who are your top choices for surprise entrants?

Stuie J Blenkhorn: The Fiend and Alexa Bliss to do the double. Shane O’Mac, The Rock and Cena as surprise returns.

Neil Batchelor: Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch to do the double. Cena and CM Punk as the surprise entrants.

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