During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, The Miz talked about losing his main event push in 2011:

“Not exactly when it passed. I felt the momentum start going another way. I guess you can say like, creative changed in the background. And when creative changed — and I’m not talking creative like, I’m talking about people. Whenever you hear about heads leaving, and then another head coming in to kind of, you know — obviously Vince runs the entire thing. But there are different, I guess you can say creative people, that are different writers that when you have a head leave, and then another head comes in, he’ll have his guys.”

“And when I lost the WWE Championship to John Cena, there was a kind of a role shift in the writing process, and I saw where I was going. I was going to be used to develop new talent because I was just utilized for the past, I don’t know, year to make me, to get me to where I am. Now it’s time to make other people. And I didn’t have the wherewithal to make sure that I was being made as well. And I didn’t have the experience, and I think it took me a little while.”

Miz also talked about how the Draft hurt his momentum:

“It’s funny, every time people get get drafted? People don’t realize this. But when you get drafted, you’re going to a completely — obviously you know, you’re going to a completely different show. But it changes your career, like it changes everything. I remember being on Smackdown and thinking, ‘All right, I’m primed up and ready for the WWE Championship.’ And this is when I was doing the Intercontinental Title stuff. And I felt like it was the title that was more talked about than any other title in WWE. And I was like, ‘Oh, I’m on the wave right now to get to the WWE Championship.’”

“And then I got drafted to Raw, and once I got drafted to Raw I felt like I went from here, and I had to build myself back up. And I was able to do that, and I did it once again. And once I felt like I was ready and primed up for the WWE Championship again, I got drafted again. And it just — it keeps going back and forth, and you have to build yourself up. Now granted, some people don’t have to do that build up. Some people are already there and they just are able to get it. I have to be built up and build myself up all the way up there to do it.”

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