During an appearance on the AEW Unrestricted podcast, AEW President Tony Khan had some high praise for Orange Cassidy: 

“If you look back to 2019, a lot of people don’t remember this. Before there was a Death Triangle and before there was the idea of PAC and the Lucha Brothers vs. Orange Cassidy and The Best Friends, they were already experimenting with this idea trying to set up, eventually, PAC and Orange Cassidy in the matchmaking when I booked PAC and TH2 (The Hybrid 2) in a match with Orange Cassidy and The Best Friends. The idea was to put some backstory out there with PAC and Orange Cassidy for the long run when it was time for Orange Cassidy to finally have a singles match. But we subtly built up for a long time to his first singles match because he was eithera manager or he did some six-man tags. And he was in a couple battle royals, but he hadn’t, until Revolution, ever done a singles match. 

I remember in Kansas City, I knew that one way or another after The PAC-Kenny Omega Iron Man match that after they went the distance, that Orange Cassidy was going to be coming out to challenge PAC,” Khan recalled. “I had told you before we did it that they’re going to chant, ‘He’s gonna try. He’s gonna try. He’s gonna try.’ The Best Friends are going to hit that line. The jokes gonna be on PAC that he’s gonna try. Just watch, it’s gonna work. And at that catering table, there was some doubt at the table whether this was actually going to work. Boy did that work really well. 

An actual genius of a person. If they only knew that his ideas in terms of execution, presentation [and] putting together a wrestling match. He’s such a great technician in terms of bell-to-bell wrestling, but also just in terms of the little details he puts into his character.”

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