AEW President Tony Khan recently appeared on AEW’s Unrestricted podcast to discuss the product and here are the highlights courtesy of…

“I also don’t want to oversaturate. I think there’s a sweet spot, so I’m never going to try to produce so many shows that you can’t keep track of what we’re doing. To me, a two hour Dynamite and now, the new one hour show we’re going to develop, is the perfect amount of TV. If you want more content, we’re going to put things on YouTube, we’ll put things on BR Live, but really, I think, a two hour wrestling show and an additional one hour television show as a complimentary show I think is going to be really strong.”

“We’re our own opponent. At the end of the day, people talk about you’re in a wrestling war or whatever, we just have to do the best show we can do. We’re competing with ourselves to do the best shows we can, and when we haven’t done stuff that made sense or wasn’t our best work, we’ve had to refocus and say, here’s why that didn’t work and never do that again.”

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