In an interview with The Toronto Sun to promote his documentary series on the WWE Network, The Undertaker commented on his wrestling career coming to an end…

“You might try to attempt to do this business, but if it’s not in your heart and soul, you’re not going to be a success. You might be a flash in the pan. For most of my adult life, this is what I’ve done and I’ve done it at the highest level. I do realize that Father Time is tapping me on the shoulder. And I don’t want to turn around and face him.”

“I feel like I’ve got a match (left) that is befitting what I feel like that the legacy of The Undertaker deserves,” he said. “But the hard part is, if I grade myself, I grade myself on where I was physically in the early 2000s. I don’t grade myself on the curve of it being 2020 and being 55 years old.”

“The expectations of what I have for myself, with the limitations that I have physically, it really is a delicate balance,” Calaway said. “You’ve got to take a really good look (and ask yourself), OK, is this the match that you’re looking for, is it in the realm of possibility and do I risk long-term damage?… I have young kids still,” he added. “Do you run the risk of jeopardizing your long-term health? All this is kind of what’s going on in my head during this docuseries. What I’m looking for and trying to achieve. Trying to come to grips with leaving that aspect of the business.”

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