As previously noted, Jeff Hardy defeated Elias on this week’s WWE RAW with a swanton bomb to the outside of the ring through a table. However, there was concern about Hardy’s well-being because the back of his head hit the steel steps when he landed. 

Last night, reported that Hardy appeared to be fine according to people within WWE. Mike Johnson of also confirmed that Hardy seems to be uninjured: 

“We are told that Hardy was checked out after the match by WWE medical and somehow, he luckily was OK. 

We are told Hardy will continue to be monitored but all signs are he escaped injury.”

Dave Meltzer of commented on the incident: 

“He hit the back of his head and he grabbed it right away and he was walking around like he was hurting real bad. That wasn’t a sell. He was looking to see if he split his head open, which it didn’t appear that he did but I had heard that there was kind of an expectation that he had a concussion but he hadn’t been diagnosed as having one because that wouldn’t come as yet anyway.”

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