There was concern that Matt Hardy suffered a concussion during his match against Sammy Guevara at the AEW All Out PPV. According to Bryan Alvarez of, Hardy was sent to the hospital after the match. On commentary during the show, Tony Schiavone said that Doc Sampson cleared Hardy to finish the match after asking Hardy if he was able to continue.Β 

The match continuing was met with criticism on social media and from Matts wife Reby Hardy was vocal about what happened. Reviewing the match as we have makes for grim viewing with Matt clearly striking the back of his head hard at the start of the match after a misexecuted spot from the top of a power lift. This left Hardy seemingly unconcious for a short period of time and struggling to stand and walk once he was responsive.

The match was stopped for a short period of time by the referee before Matt got to his feet and went looking for Guevara and having the match restarted. Tony Kahn has released a statement saying that the doctor gave Hardy a concussion test which Hardy passed. Bue we are sceptical that enough time had passed for such a test to be administered and given the risks involved in the rest of the match Hardy’s safety was questionable.

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