As previously noted, there was a backstage incident between Brock Lesnar and Matt Riddle at the Royal Rumble PPV. provided an update on the situation: 

“It was reported on Fightful Select that one person noted that Lesnar was the ‘wrong one to f*** with,’ and that Lesnar simply communicated his issues, saying ‘he was spoken to by Brock and he understood.'”

Alex McCarthy of noted the following about what Lesnar said to Riddle: 

“According a WWE official, Lesnar is said to have approached Riddle backstage and grabbed his shoulder to get his attention.

Then, Lesnar said: ‘Kid, you might as well stop saying my name and tagging me in sh*t because you and I will never work together. Ever.'”

Dave Meltzer of discussed Matt Riddle’s quick elimination from the men’s Royal Rumble match and mentioned that Riddle was never being considered to be Brock Lesnar’s opponent at Wrestlemania 36. Meltzer brought up how it’s a Vince McMahon decision and here is what he notedcourtesy of 

“I don’t wanna say that he doesn’t get it, because he may get it. Whatever it is there’s a lot of heat on Matt Riddle right now.” 

“You can look at it like he’s got potential and they shouldn’t squander it and he’s not the first guy and he’s not gonna be the last in that situation where Vince sees it differently and it’s not like it’s the kiss of death, but right now… on NXT I guess you could not push him at all, but that would be stupid because NXT is battling [with AEW] and things like that.” 

“Yeah, he ain’t in the forefront and there’s a reason why he was in and out so quick [in the Royal Rumble]. It was more than just getting heat for Baron Corbin which is what the outcome was, but the idea was that yeah, whatever it is. I’m not there I can’t speak for his attitude. I can only speak about his performance. His performance is really good.” 

“I haven’t heard anything negative about his attitude, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there and he hasn’t rubbed someone the wrong way or whatever he’s done, but I don’t know what it would be, but that’s the case.”

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