As previously noted, there have been teases of Harlem Heat reuniting to take on The Revival at the Royal Rumble in Houston, TX. 

On the latest edition of WWE Backstage, Booker T teased the match: 

“You know what? Me and my big brother [Stevie Ray], we talking about it. We’re going to be discussing that over the new year. I’ve got one left in me! Dawson! Wilder! Don’t get jacked up sucka!”

Booker T also commented on possibly managing The Street Profits: 

“Since I am a tag team extraordinaire, a tag team specialist, 14 tag team championships throughout my reign in this business, so I’m looking forward to the tag team division getting crunk in 2020, and I might even manage The Street Profits somewhere along the year. I’m trying to get in the game!”

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