In an update on several WWE stars being released over the weekend, reached out to several talents and one anonymous person noted the following: 

“It’s either a coincidence or next level f–king with The Revival that a bunch of people get granted their releases, but they can’t release them because they have a title match on next weekend’s show.”

There is no word yet regarding Mike Kanellis and if his request for a release was granted. There is reportedly talk that there could be some NXT releases in January or February. 

It’s believed that WWE released talents that the companydoesn’t feel will be major difference makers in AEW. Paul Davis of noted the following regarding the releases: 

“A WWE source told me that another reason why the companyis more open to releasing some wrestlers is that it helps them cut down on salaries while freeing up more money to offer deals to mid and upper card wrestlers who they don’t want to leave the company.”

Viktor of The Ascension commented on being released: 

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