Last week, Cain Velasquez published a photo of himself with Ronda Rousey at WWE Headquarters which led some fans to believe that Rousey was going to appear at the Elimination Chamber PPV. Dave Meltzer of noted the following regarding Vince McMahon’s reaction: 

“It was said by one person that Vince McMahon was freaking out badly over it knowing he couldn’t fire the ‘leaker’ since it was Velasquez who didn’t know any better, but another said that was overblown and people were more laughing about it than freaking out about it.”

While Rousey and Velasquez just happened to be there at the same time as a coincidence, Rousey’s meeting at WWE Headquarters was supposed to be known only by a few people. The belief is that Velasquez simply didn’t know any better when he published the photo.

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