With Paul Heyman no longer being the Creative Director of WWE RAW, Vince McMahon is reportedly already making changes to the television product and RAW in particular. A source noted the following to Paul Davis of WrestlingNews.co: 

“Vince put up with some of Paul’s ideas for a while but then Vince would kill off so many good ideas and anyone who has watched Vince and Paul’s interactions knew that this arrangement was not going to last very long. Paul seemed stressed out around Vince.”

Davis is reporting that Vince McMahon made creative changes to several Backlash matches and at least one finish has been changed. Most of the changes were said to be on the RAW brand. 

A current internal match line-up allegedly has Apollo Crews vs. Andrade for the U.S. Title as the PPV’s Kickoff match. Both guys were considered to be Paul Heyman projects. As of this writing, WWE has not officially announced the Kickoff match. 

McMahon reportedly understands that the Covid-19 pandemic is a factor in TV viewership declining but also doesn’t feel that the people Heyman was pushing are going to move numbers regardless. A big shakeup could end up taking place in the next few weeks and as previously reported, there could be a “roster consolidation” with more brand crossover appearances.

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