During his recent podcast, Chris Jericho spoke with Dr. Luther and talked about the Dark Order’s Exalted One storyline in AEW… 

On how Cody liked Dr. Luther’s audition for the Dark Orderleader: “So I sent it to, because the Dark Order was kind of Nick and Matt’s thing, so I was thinking let me just show it to Tony and Cody, ya know, Tony’s the boss, right? And Cody is like, I like his delivery, he’s got that cadence of Jake Roberts. And then they said, let’s bring him in for basically a screen test, that’s kind of what it was.” 

On how the Young Bucks wanted Marty Scurll to be the leader: “I think right off the bat, the Bucks were like, we want, I think the original plan was Marty Scurll to be the leader of the Dark Order, and then they wanted Matt Hardy, which then morphed of course to Luke Harper. So I think that you were out of the equation because they had other guys in mind.”

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