In an interview with, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre talked about what The Big Show told him after their post-Wrestlemania 36 match: 

“I think he has come out publicly and kind of spoke about the things that he told me. You know, he is somebody that has watched me grow up since I came to America when I was barely turning 22. He is very proud of what I have achieved during my first run. He watched me from outside the company and is very proud to where I got to today as a performer and as a man. “ 

“Like, he said himself, I wanted to test you out there (in the ring). So there was a couple of times out there, you know he did genuinely tried to test me. Like, he could see with his eyes, he knew I was ready for the opportunity to be WWE Champion, but when he felt it, he actually said the words you have the potential to become one of the greatest champions of all time, which meant the world to me, because he is been in (the ring) with the greatest of all time.”

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