Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com recently discussed Apollo Crews winning the U.S. Title on RAW. Meltzer talked about how he doesn’t have much confidence in WWE pushing Crewslong-term and brought up how WWE has failed to build up other talents. With AJ Styles moving to the Smackdown brand, Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com discussed what WWE had intended to do with Styles on RAW: 

“AJ was there to make new babyfaces, that was what he was there for. How many new babyfaces did he make? None. He didn’t even lose on the way out. Well, he lost to The Undertaker but that does nobody any good.” 

“My point is that every one of these guys from Ricochet to Cedric Alexander to Humberto Carrillo – every single one of them was supposed to be in a big feud with AJ where they would get over and they would win the title and not one of them did.”

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