On this week’s WWE RAW, Retribution kicked off the show with an in-ring promo. It was announced that the faction signed contracts with WWE. Also revealed were the new names for the 5 main members, Mace, T-Bar, Slapjack, Reckoning and Retaliation. The names and masks worn by the members have been met with a mixed reaction online.

Since the reveal on Monday night all 5 members have appeared on Twitter and become very active. T-Bar in particular has taken shots at CM Punk and Chris Jericho for their criticism of the group and also Jericho’s part in allegedly leading to over 250,000 COVID infections. Many have speculated that T-Bar will lead the group however we here at the LD Wrestling show have our own theories of how the group will progress…

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This group has so far been dealt a rough hand by the creative and reception by fans. This could be the beginning and end of the Raw careers for these 5 stars if the storyline doesn’t turn a corner soon. Part of the redemption of Retribution could be putting a strong and believable leader in charge of them. Here are our 4 picks for the Retribution leader and why:

  1. Triple H – This one is an obvious call. Triple H has created and run the gold and black brand over the last few years only to see them debut on Raw and Smackdown and be buried for the most part. This group assembled of the pick of NXT talent is the ideal way for Triple H to show Vince the error of his ways and perform a hostile takeover of Raw.
  2. Shane McMahon – Shane has been overlooked his entire life, firstly for Steph and now for Triple H as Vince’s successor. He has been running Raw Underground for the same amount of time that Retribution has been on our screens. Could he have been auditioning stars in Raw Underground to form this group and invade Raw and Smackdown. 
  3. CM Punk – This one is more of a dream booking situation. Punk making a return as the leader of the group to finish what he started with Nexus almost a decade ago would certainly raise an eyebrow or two and be the shot in the arm this team needs.
  4. Shawn Michaels – He has famously been coaching NXT for a while now and much like Triple H he could be attacking Raw and Smackdown as Retribution for most of his former students being buried once moving.

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