For several weeks now Retribution have been running rough shot over the entire WWE. Both RAW and SmackDown broadcasts have been affected by both technical interference and direct attacks on in ring talent.

While the official identities of the members involved in Retribution have not been released there have been several names widely rumoured and for very good reason. The first time Retribution was seen in a ring it was noted that they all seemed to be of an average or smaller size compared to the other superstars in the ring. Since then we have seen them several more times and each appearance we seem to see a hint of who is under the hoods.

The people under the hoods has changed week to week while the WWE settles on who will make up this faction, what we can tell so far is the group is made up of three women and three men. This weeks RAW (24/08/20) we saw the group attack the Mysterio’s and stand tall on the edge of the ring. Two members in the center of the group stoon noticeably taller than others, leading fans to quickly peg Dominik Dijakovic and Dio Maddin as two of the members. The other people most linked with the group are Mia Yim, Shane Thorne, Kayden Carter and Chelsea Green.

These names all add up to a fearsome faction as those who have followed their careers in NXT so far will attest to their talents. One thing we at LD Wrestling haven’t ruled out is that the changing members under the hoods was possibly done for another reason. Not only did WWE want to avoid using anyone who has an easily identifiable body type before their place was certain but also it hints at the fact the group could be made up of more than the six members seen at any one time. Could Retribution be made up of a larger group of people? Are we sure that all the members of Retribution will be coming from within NXT. When the name Retribution was announced we hoped that talent who were part of the mass release on April 15 might make up part of the group.

Interestingly while claiming to be there to make an impact and disrupt the WWE and all their shows, Retribution did not make an appearance at SummerSlam this weekend. Arguably WWE’s second largest show of the year and the first WWE PPV since the debut of Retribution you would have expected the group to make their presence felt. Our theory is we did in fact see Retribution make an impact we just weren’t aware of yet. When you think about the groups MO so far then you could say they show up, cause havoc and then leave. Or maybe it could be described as “wreck everyone & leave”? Which is exactly what Roman Reigns did at SummerSlam and he even had it printed on his new T-shirt! Could the Big Dog be the man behind Retribution?

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