Jeff Hardy close up in face paint

Jeff Hardy recently appeared on Corey Graves’ After The Bell podcast and here are the highlights courtesy of

On what he’s looking forward to: “For sure, I’m excited about my solo run. Because when I came back last time and I went to Smackdown after my rotator cuff surgery, I brought the facepaint back and I was really grooving for that year. And I got into that deal with Randy Orton and having my first Hell in a Cell. And it was just so, building up to that was so fun, I felt important and involved, relevant again. But now, I seriously would love to win the World Title just one more time. Because I love the design of the new title, and the Universal Title. So I definitely would like that before it’s all said and done.” 

On wanting to bring his facepaint back: “I just want to like, bring that paint back because that’s — that’s another thing about painting my face on the road, it’s kind of like an escape. And it’s a form of expression for me. Instead of painting on camera, I just paint on my face and it’s cool, I can do that for my job. And people dig itI can be the Charismatic Enigma. So yeah, I just wanna have one more good run, man, and maybe become the World Champ and the Universal Champion.” 

On wanting a match with Brock Lesnar: “One thing I’d forgot, I think I was gonna mention this a little bit ago. When I did the [WWE] Backstage show out there in LA, they asked me about Brock Lesnar. And I’d totally forgot I was his first match in WWE. I’d totally forgot about that. So maybe — yeah, there’s one more thing, I’d love to get my ass kicked by him again maybe. Because he’s just intimidating and insanely gifted. And to be as successful as he was in the MMA world, it’s just, he’s amazing. That would be interesting, man. Maybe that could be my last match. I was his first match, he could be my last match.”

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