According to Dave Meltzer of, WWE is still in the process of editing Wrestlemania 36 and that’s why the match order hasn’t been announced yet. The matches were not taped in order but the belief is that WWE have the order determined by the time Smackdown airs. 

In an interview with ESPN’s Ariel Helwani, Triple H commented on Rob Gronkowski’s role without giving away any spoilers: 

“I think he’s going to do some really cool stuff that people will be shocked that he actually does. I think that the event itself will be spectacular while obviously not in a stadium with 70-80,000 people.”

Triple H commented further on the production of the show: 

“It looks spectacular. The look and the feel will be phenomenal. I think that talent really stepped up to bring the energy and the excitement knowing how important this was. And there’s a lot of things things that will take place, both live and taped that will be taking place from alternative locations.” 

“Sometimes I think these moments and times are things that allow you to think outside the box and do things that you wouldn’t necessarily have the ability to do. If WrestleMania was just WrestleMania in a stadium, we would be approaching it like we always do. We’re approaching this differently. From day one, when we thought we were gonna do this, we thought how can we make it different and unique and how can we capitalizeon the situation that we’re in. I think we’ve done that. I think there will be some things on there that might change the way we do business going forward even after this.”

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