Sean Ross Sapp of is reporting that a WWE company memo was sent out revealing that an employee (not an in-ring performer) was diagnosed with the Coronavirus. Here is the memo that was shared among wrestlers and obtained by Fightful: 

We have just been notified that (name redacted by Fightful) was diagnosed with COVID-19. WWE doctors spoke with (redacted) this morning and reported (they) last had contact with anyone at WWE on March 26 at the Performance Center. As you know, (redacted) is not an in-ring performer and we believe this matter is low-risk to you per the following chronology:

The memo later stated the following: 

Those of you who were potentially exposed would be cleared for travel by the evening of Thursday, April 9 at the latest, since the last possible exposure to any WWE talent personnelshould have been at least 14 days prior.

WWE issued a statement regarding the memo: 

A WWE employee has tested positive for COVID-19. We believe this matter is low risk to WWE talent and staff, as the individual and a roommate became symptomatic in the days following exposure to two people working in acute health care on the evening of March 26, after WWE’s TV production on a closed set was already complete. The employee had no contact with anyone from WWE since being exposed to those two individuals, is doing well, and made a complete recovery.

Ryan Satin of is reporting that the person in question is an on-screen talent but not a wrestler. Satin added the following: 

According to sources, the person went out to dinner with friends who work in the healthcare industry following the completion of WWE’s last batch of tapings.

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