The following report was circulated online by Brad Shepard regarding WWE and the Coronavirus: 

“According to a source, a WWE employee – who doesn’t work at the main office – came in contact with a coronavirus carrier

I’m told a mass email warning was sent out, and the employeeis under self-quarantine. They aren’t showing symptoms yet but it’s shaken everyone up.”

The WWE on FOX Facebook account responded to an article link with the following message: 

‘Guys, we usually don’t interject, but when it comes to serious stuff we will. Ringsidenews, especially Brad Shepard, isn’t a trusted ‘news source’ about anything. Please do not listen to them. Do as you will with other journalists, we won’t promote anyone here, but avoid Ringsidenews – especially when it comes to something as serious as this.’

The post was removed on Facebook but WWE on FOX’s verified Reddit account explained why: 

“We didn’t delete it. The Op did.”

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