Bryan Alvarez of discussed what WWE could end up doing to prevent virtual fans from displaying offensive content during the ThunderDome shows:

“I have been told that they are going to be making some changes and I don’t know this for sure but the impression that I get is – when they’ve been doing this for a while, they are going to find some fans that are going to obey the rules no matter what. Maybe they’ve done it for 3 shows already and we’ve had Jessi who was in our chat who was on Raw. She’s not going to hold up some goofy sign. She can be trusted and they’re finding other people that can be trusted and I believe what they’re gonna do is they are going find all of the people that they can trust who have done this before and are trustworthy and they are going to be in the lower bowl and then everybody who they don’t necessarily trust, the first-timers, they are gonna throw them into the upper bowl. They could put a volcano up on the screen and you’re not gonna be able to see it because it’s way up there in the upper bowl.”

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